On this page, we have created two short surveys that we would like you to consider taking. The first asks about scenarios you may be experiencing at your workplace, and helps us create content that stays current with our readers’ experiences. The second survey is designed to help you assess how well you navigate gender bias in the workplace. Both surveys are easy to take, and your results are strictly confidential. We encourage you to take both, and to share them within your network. Dig in and enjoy!

Tell Us About Gender Bias in Your Workplace

This survey will help us create engaging content based on the real-life experiences of our readers. Take the anonymous survey here.

Assess Your Own Ability to Navigate Gender Bias

Our second set of questions, below, is designed to provide you with an assessment of your own effectiveness in avoiding or overcoming gender bias. Each of the questions presents a potentially difficult situation involving possible gender bias that a woman may encounter. Three courses of action are suggested after each situation in presented. These are not the only ways you could respond, but they do represent the most common ways in which women respond to similar situations. Select the course of action closest to the way in which you would behave.

Once you submit your responses, you will receive an evaluation of your effectiveness in dealing with gender bias together with tips for advancing in your career despite the gender bias in your workplace.

The assessment is easy to take, free of charge, and your results are strictly confidential. The assessment will only take a few minutes. Dig in and enjoy!

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