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Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work

To succeed in their chosen careers, women don’t need to wait for more female friendly workplaces, and they don’t need to behave more like men. Andie and Al persuasively argue the disparity in women’s and men’s career achievements is principally due to the prevalence of biases against women that flow from traditional gender stereotypes. They present sensible and effective communication techniques to overcome these biases so women can advance in their careers as far and as fast as their talents and hard work will take them.

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Keynote Speaking

Andie and Al, together and individually, speak to audiences about how to break through both intentional and unintentional gender bias in the workplace. Their keynotes draw on their extensive professional and business experience and the benefit of their combined female and male perspectives to provide audiences with realistic, detailed, and readily usable advice. They approach the topic of gender and career success with a blend of compassion, candor, and practicality.

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Andie Kramer’s handmade jewelry is inspired by her personal crusade to empower women and promote gender equality.

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Essential Attitudes for Success

Rather than dwelling on needed workplace changes, Kramer and Harris present clear, practical, effective techniques women can use today to succeed in their careers despite gender bias. They lay out four essential attitudes for success: grit, a positive perspective on your abilities, a coping sense of humor and a confident attitude about your power and potential.

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

Compelling, Engaging and Informative

Andie & Al – thanks for sharing your wisdom & insight in such a compelling, engaging and informative way. This is such important work. I will be sharing your insights with members of my personal network. Wow!

Rachelle Smith Principal and Founder
Positive Creative Infusion Consulting, LLC

Mitigate Gender Stereotypes

Breaking Through Bias helps female and male readers alike understand gender stereotypes, how people interact with them, and how to communicate in a way that mitigates their effects.

Top-Notch Program

An exceptionally fine, engrossing, top-notch program that scores a touchdown.

Participant in Lawline Webcast, Hiles, WI

Convincing Arguments Backed by Statistical Research

I had the pleasure of hearing Andie and her husband, Al, discuss their book, Breaking Through Bias, and how to apply their book to succeed in life. Andie and Al gave convincing arguments — backed by statistical research — that highlights the quantifiable tendencies that define communications between women and men. They were powerful speakers, and their book is great. In addition, Andie’s ability to connect to her listeners to offer suggestions and solve real life conflicts from her own personal experience as a successful woman was both encouraging and validating.

Shera Minor, attendee at Women’s Forum

Invaluable Workshop

Andie’s and Al’s passion, knowledge, sense of humor, and practical solutions make their workshops invaluable. Attendees walk away with fresh ideas, a sense of empowerment, and realistic action plans. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this power couple transform a room together and separately multiple times. I always come away with new information and look forward to the next opportunity to hear them speak.

Elizabeth Shampnoi

A Super Assist in Advancing Your Talents and Your Careers

In Breaking Through Bias, Andie and Al make all of their research and findings available to you as a super assist in advancing your talents and your careers.

Susan Smith Blakely, Author of Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know About a Career in the Law

A Fresh Take on Career Advancement

One of the key takeaways from Breaking Through Bias is that women should not put their career aspirations on hold as they wait for their workplaces to become more gender-neutral. Women can act for themselves to assure that pervasive gender biases do not hold them back… Breaking Through Bias offers a fresh take on career advancement. Andie and Al are committed to helping women get ahead, without stereotypes and biases holding us back, regardless of what we choose to do with our lives.


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