Named a Best Business Book for 2016 by Women@Work!

More than fifty years after the beginning of the Women’s Movement and forty years after passage of Title IX, women are still not “making it” in traditionally male careers. Women start their careers on parity with men but generally end them far earlier, having achieved less status, lower compensation, and less satisfaction than men. Breaking Through Bias explains that it is the stereotypes about women, men, work, leadership, and family that hold women back, and it presents an integrated set of communication techniques that women can use to avoid or overcome the discriminatory consequences of these stereotypes.

Women define career success in a wide variety of ways. But whatever a woman’s personal definition, if she is in a traditionally male career—virtually all high-status, highly compensated fields—her career is at risk because of pervasive gender stereotypes. This highly practical book makes clear that women don’t need to change who they are to succeed in their careers, and they certainly don’t need to act more like men. Women do, however, need to be attuned to the negative gender stereotypes that surround them; they need to anticipate the biases these stereotypes foster; and they need to manage the impressions they make to avoid or overcome these biases.

Based on the authors’ personal experiences as business leaders and practicing attorneys, involvement in compensation and hiring decisions, extensive mentoring activities, and numerous scientific and academic studies, Breaking Through Bias presents unique, practical, and effective advice about how women can at last break through gender bias in the workplace and win at the career advancement game.

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Publishers Weekly Glowingly Rates Breaking Through Bias “a well-organized, well-thought-out call to action”

Publishers Weekly, the world’s premier source for book reviews and publications, enthusiastically called Breaking Through Bias “a well-organized, well-thought-out call to action.”

Praise for Breaking Through Bias

  • Cheryl Procter-Rogers PR strategist and executive coach, A Step Ahead PR Consulting and Coaching

    Andie and Al have created the perfect primer to navigate through the treacherous waters of gender bias. This is not a book you read and donate to your neighborhood library! You’ll want to keep it handy for its many insights and apply them to the countless scenarios that emerge throughout your personal and professional life. This is the book I wish I had more than 35 years ago when I launched my career in public relations.

  • Neelum T. Aggarwal, MD Chief Diversity Officer of American Medical Women’s Association; associate professor, Departments of Neurological Sciences and Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center

    The medical profession is no more free of gender bias than all other professions that make up our economy. From the early stages of training to achieving the attending physician status, bias exists at every level. Thus, I am enthusiastically recommending that women medical students, residents, and fellow colleagues read and re-read Breaking Through Bias.

  • Lee Richard Tschanz vice president North America, Sales, Services, and Solutions, Rockwell Automation

    Breaking Through Bias serves as a wake-up call for senior business leaders. The book explores common gender stereotypes and discusses the discriminatory bias that results. Based on my own work on culture change over the past five years, I am convinced that bias in the workplace is real. Things aren’t equal. I can’t allow myself to be satisfied with an environment where female employees have to expend energy combatting bias, so culture change is necessary – but it is slow work. This book offers insights and practical approaches to help women manage the environment as it exists. It is essential reading for modern businesspeople of either gender.

  • Dr. Arin Reeves author of One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies for Women (And Most Men) and The Next IQ: The Next Generation of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

    Andie has worked tirelessly on the advancement of women in workplaces for so many years, and the wisdom and insights from that work are elegantly captured in this book!  Breaking Through Bias is a great resource for women navigating the realities of workplace gender bias and the men who want to make their workplaces work better for everyone! Andie and Al’s advice is practical without asking women to be something other than who they are, which is why it will also be effective for those who utilize it.

  • Jeffrey E. Stone chairman, McDermott Will & Emery LLP

    Andie and Al have written an exceptional book – and an important one.  It reflects decades of experience in thinking about how to overcome gender bias, and is chock-full of practical and accessible strategies for surmounting the challenges that women – and men – face.  It should be read and studied by anyone seeking to win in the worldwide battle for talent.

  • Laurel G. Bellows managing principal, The Bellows Law Group, P.C. and past president, American Bar Association

    Barriers to gender equality persist. This groundbreaking book encourages talented women to persevere on the road to achieving the success they seek. This book should be mandatory reading for women both at the onset of their careers and on the path to the top of their profession.

  • Carol Frohlinger president, Negotiating Women, Inc.

    Andie and Al tackle the all-important subject of gender-correlated communication styles in the workplace from a fresh perspective. Combining their own real-life experiences (as a woman and as a man) with solid research, Breaking Through Bias is a highly readable book. Offering both practical advice for women and essential knowledge to the men who want to support them, this is a book to read and to share with others.

  • Julie Howard chairman & CEO at Navigant Consulting, Inc.

    It is exciting to see the ideas that Andie has been using for so long to personally mentor women now being made available on a broad scale in this terrific book. A great read for any woman who wants to take control of her career and be seen as the smart, capable woman she is.

  • Deborah Gillis president & CEO, Catalyst

    Change cannot come fast enough in the pursuit of gender equality in the workplace. In Breaking Through Bias, Andie and Al provide strategies that allow women—and men—to create their own change by teaching us to communicate in a way that overcomes biases and stereotypes. This information is invaluable for all professionals looking to accelerate within inclusive workplaces around the globe.

  • Jan Schakowsky congresswoman, 9th District of Illinois

    Women are more qualified, educated, and prepared for leadership roles in every field—business, law, politics, and technology—than ever before. Yet, well into the 21st century, we still encounter the old barriers of prejudice and gender bias. Breaking Through Bias provides women with hugely impactful tools that can be put to use right now to confront gender issues and, yes, partner with enlightened men to promote our advancement.

  • Bethany Harris
    Bethany Harris of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois reviews Breaking Through Bias Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

    Bethany Harris writes for the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois’ 2016 Winter Edition, “There are methods for overcoming workplace biases against women, working mothers, and women leaders. In my experience, they’re worth learning and implementing. Step One: read Andie and Al’s book. They’ll take it from there.”​

  • Kramer and Harris present practical, timely, effective, and original advice as to how women can communicate… Broadway World

    Broadway World writes, “Kramer and Harris present practical, timely, effective, and original advice as to how women can communicate… By writing together, Kramer and Harris also are able to offer on these critical issues the unique dual perspective of a successful woman and a successful man. While their advice is specifically addressed to talented, ambitious women, it is also aimed at men — particularly men in senior leadership positions who are in a position to help.”

  • Practical, concrete advice that can be immediately implemented and turned into real results… Kate Ahern, Founder, Women Lawyers News

    The book’s real value goes beyond the careful curation of important topics. … Breaking Through Bias offers practical, concrete advice that can be immediately implemented and turned into real results and noticeable change.

  • Every professional woman needs to read Kate Ahern, Founder, Women Lawyers News

    Andie Kramer, and her husband, Al Harris, just wrote the book that every professional woman needs to read.

    –Kate Ahern, Founder, Women Lawyers News

  • Lee Caraher
    I’ll be sending it to all my clients. Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte

    We will all be better off for applying what Publishers Weekly calls their ‘well-thought-out call to action.’ I’ll be sending it to all my clients.

    –Lee Caraher, CEO, Double Forte

  • Gail Golden
    Breaking Through Bias “offers specific suggestions for how women can survive and thrive in the workplace.” Gail Golden, Psychologist, Gail Golden Consulting

    Breaking Through Bias “offers specific suggestions for how women can survive and thrive in the workplace.”

  • Kramer and Harris lay out four essential attitudes for success Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

    “Rather than dwelling on needed workplace changes, [Kramer and Harris] present clear, practical, effective techniques women can use today to succeed in their careers despite gender bias.” They lay out “four essential attitudes for success: grit, a positive perspective on your abilities, a coping sense of humor and a confident attitude about your power and potential.”

    — Chicago Daily Law Bulletin

  • Susan Smith Blakely
    A super assist in advancing your talents and your careers. Susan Smith Blakely, Author of Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know About a Career in the Law

    In Breaking Through Bias, Andie and Al “make all of their research and findings available to you as a super assist in advancing your talents and your careers.”

    — Susan Smith Blakely, Author of Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know About a Career in the Law

  • Pat Buhler
    We needed this book. — Dr. Patricia Buhler Dr. Patricia Buhler / Author, consultant, mentor / Faculty at Goldey Beacom College

    I finished reading your book late last night and could not resist reaching out again. I literally could not put it down.  Your book is right on target!  While reading, I kept saying yes, yes, yes!  It’s been quite some time since a book has had this impression on me. The use of a balanced perspective (with your husband as co-author) was particularly effective. … We needed this book. Thank you so much for writing this and getting an important message out.

    — Dr. Patricia Buhler, author, consultant, mentor, and faculty at Goldey Beacom College
  • Breaking Through Bias is a practical and important book for women Soundview

    Hopefully, there will be a time when workplace biases against women have finally disappeared. Until that time, however, Breaking Through Bias is a practical and important book for women navigating through the labyrinth of conscious and unconscious discrimination. — Soundview Executive Book Summaries

  • Your book is full of fascinating information and your presentation was accessible, funny, and informative. Partner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, Ltd.

    Your book is full of fascinating information and your presentation was accessible, funny, and informative.

    Juliet Berger-White, Partner
    Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, Ltd.

  • Your book and philosophy are going to be incorporated in our culture. Kathy Adkins, President, The CREW Corporation

    After 25 years in the very male dominated construction industry (I founded and own an electrical contracting and validation company) I have learned (albeit the hard way) to do exactly what you propose – incorporate a little of both styles into my communication habits… Your book and philosophy are going to be incorporated into our culture as soon as I can make it happen! Thank you!

    Kathy Adkins, President
    The CREW Corporation

  • Though it is targeted to women, men who are interested in helping achieve workplace equity have much to gain by reading this guide Nanette Donohue, Booklist Review

    Attorneys Kramer and Harris draw on their extensive experience in this thoughtful guide to workplace communication. Central to their technique is the expectation that women behave in a manner that is communal, seeking consensus and acceptance; and men behave in a manner that is agentic, seeking success and promotion—but when a woman behaves that way, she’s derided as self-serving or aggressive. … Though it is targeted to women, men who are interested in helping achieve workplace equity have much to gain by reading this guide, as it may open their eyes and give them some tools for challenging bias. In addition to providing intelligent guidance, it reminds us all that we have a long way to go when it comes to achieving gender equality in the workplace.

  • Sandy Gallant Jones
    Legal Talk Network interviews Andie Kramer about how to counter bias and find success Sandy Gallant-Jones, Host, American Bar Association Law Student Division / Legal Talk Network

    Andrea recalls the life experiences and occupational observations that motivated her and her husband to write their new book and expresses how important it is that women find ways to succeed in the workplace. She provides tips to help women purposefully counter bias in the office and breaks down the four attributes, like cultivating the right attitude for success and maintaining high self awareness, for attuned gender communication. Andrea gives examples of how men in the workplace can also improve their communication with their female colleagues and closes the interview with her most important advice for women who have recently graduated from law school as they start their careers. Legal Talk Network.

  • This is a very leaning forward, unique message. Staff member, The Boeing Company

    My main take away: women have to change their thinking and get more flexible in their communications styles and approaches. I don’t think it is very new, but it was very well articulated by Andie. What I really liked about their duo presentation: that men have a role and by extension organizations have roles in the process. Raising awareness of that and making men understand how they can change things would be great, I believe. This is a very leaning forward, unique message.

    Staff member, The Boeing Company

  • Andie and Al “convey the wisdom of years of experience and piles of research in a practical, matter-of-fact way…” Kate Ahern, Super Lawyers Rising Star and local Forty Under 40 recipient

    In Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work, Andie and Al efficiently convey the wisdom of years of experience and piles of research in a practical, matter-of-fact way, including examples and actionable takeaways. They challenge basic assumptions and traps for the unwary that can harm a woman’s career. Rather than simply sharing experiences or offering isolated tips, this book can profoundly change the way a woman views herself, her professional environment and her career … Read more

  • Convincing arguments — backed by statistical research — that highlights the quantifiable tendencies that define communications Shera Minor, attendee at Women’s Forum

    I had the pleasure of hearing Andie and her husband, Al, discuss their book, Breaking Through Bias, and how to apply their book to succeed in life. Andie and Al gave convincing arguments — backed by statistical research — that highlights the quantifiable tendencies that define communications between women and men. They were powerful speakers, and their book is great. In addition, Andie’s ability to connect to her listeners to offer suggestions and solve real life conflicts from her own personal experience as a successful woman was both encouraging and validating. I would love to hear them speak again.

  • I named my baby after your workshop and book! Colleen Carignan Asada / Associate Director of Disputes, Forensics & Legal Technology, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

    Andie and Al, it was so nice to see you again at the recent Navigant Consulting event. As always, you both are inspirational and motivational. Thank you. I have sent along a picture of Baby Keiden (pronounced Kay-den), which in Japanese translates to mean sunshine (my husband is Japanese). The name was inspired by your workshop “Avery’s Journey” and your book Breaking Through Bias. After participating in Avery’s Journey, I took away the idea of going with a gender neutral name for our baby as a way to combat gender bias in our gender-biased workplaces. See what impact you have on people!

  • Chapter 10, in particular, resonated with me… Karen Wassenberg

    I enjoyed Breaking Through Bias very much. Chapter 10, in particular, resonated with me.

  • Your book gives insight to a big and important lens that lets managers see the reality of half their employees. Nick Mowbray, Tax Manager, EY

    I’m so glad I read your book. The last three meetings I had to lead, I asked a female subordinate to lead, giving her support on developing the material. Your book gives insight to a big and important lens that lets managers see the reality of half their employees.

    Nick Mowbray, Tax Manager

  • Breaking Through Bias teaches “how to communicate in a way that mitigates gender stereotypes.” Alex Moore, The Association for Talent Development

    Breaking Through Bias helps “female and male readers alike understand gender stereotypes, how people interact with them, and how to communicate in a way that mitigates their effects.” — Alex Moore of The Association for Talent Development.

  • A Fresh Take on Career Advancement House of Marbury

    One of the key takeaways from Breaking Through Bias is that women should not put their career aspirations on hold as they wait for their workplaces to become more gender-neutral. Women can act for themselves to assure that pervasive gender biases do not hold them back… Breaking Through Bias offers a fresh take on career advancement. Andie and Al are committed to helping women get ahead, without stereotypes and biases holding us back, regardless of what we choose to do with our lives. The resources, tools, and practical techniques they present are why we’re so excited for you to get your hands on their book.

    House of Marbury Review of Breaking Through Bias

  • Blown away! We loved the session. Sharon Krohn, PCC, Chair of Leadership & Professional Development, CREW Chicago

    Andie and Al presented an amazing workshop to CREW (Commercial Real Estate Executive Women). I had already read their excellent book, Breaking Through Bias (in one sitting) and previously attended Andie’s workshops, so I was excited to see them speak together. Our group was blown away! We loved the session. Andie and Al are engaging, honest, clever, funny, insightful, welcoming, and practical. They provided lots of useful suggestions and takeaways.

  • The underlying gender bias described in your book “smacked me in the face.” Elizabeth Shampnoi, Director, Dispute Advisory and Forensic Services, Stout Risius Ross, Inc.

    I was mediating a workplace dispute between a woman and a man more senior in both experience and age. She was frustrated because he was constantly checking on her work, her weekend hours, etc. He was asking others as well, including her manager, to see if she was okay, overworked, or needed help.

    When we dug deeper into the interactions, I thought maybe he was threatened by her, maybe someone asked him to keep an eye on her, or maybe there was some romantic interest. We finally ruled those out. But we just couldn’t seem to get to the heart of the underlying issue. We finally made plans for one to switch departments. Then, I read page 10 of Breaking Through Bias. It smacked me in the face. He was treating her like a little girl because in his mind she needed a big brother to watch out for her. And, it turns out that was it! He didn’t intentionally mean to be harming her.

  • Andie’s presentation made a powerful impression. Anita Jenke, Executive Director, Career Transitions Center of Chicago

    Andie’s presentation to clients of the Career Transitions Center of Chicago, primarily women over 40 years, made a powerful impression. She spoke about bias women encounter in the workplace, but more importantly how to manage the sometimes unintended impressions they make, especially body language. Breaking Through Bias is based on years of research and experience and is relevant for women at all stages of their careers. CTC purchased copies of the book for its library to ensure that our future clients would be able to read this powerful book.

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